Monday, October 3, 2011

The Last Tsunami

The Last Tsunami - The first in the series

"A devastating tsunami hit the entire world and left no one breathe but us. We have been gathered together in this care center by the government as we were the only survivors of the last tsunami."

Twenty-five-year-old Ryan Simpson is among the last survivors of a tsunami attack, and live in a care center, built by the government. The care center was an army base, located in the southern part of United States of America.

His life completely changed after he meets Woody, one of the care center's occupant. Woody purposely explained to him logically, the whole tsunami-thing was just a malicious government plan to improve their military technology. Woody quietly formed a team to escape from the care center, and he invites Ryan to join them. Ryan caught in between his loyalty to the government, and curiosity to seek about the truth.

Then he meets Angela, another person in Woody's team. She is a tough girl but rather discouraged by surroundings. They decided to run from the care center with the help of Janua, Woody's father, who happened to be one of the army top ranking officers...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello Bibliophiles!

Hello there!

So, this is my very first post on this very newly created blog. I know that it is unnecessary, but I do want to create something to generate excitement for my writings projects. Blogging with blogspot, apparently yielded few results :)

I've always wanted to create a blog - and share to the whole world about my writings. I am exciting about reading books and writing ones, currently I'm working conscientiously on my first ebook, The Last Tsunami.

You can read the excerpt here.

I'm expecting it to be release by December 2011. I do hope you guys can comment on the excerpt page - so that I can improve on things that I'm lacking of.

And yeah, I'm getting sooo excited about this whole thing.

I think this concludes my very first post.